Monday, April 30, 2007

Neighborhood Watch

My husband is the neighborhood watch, but the neighborhood doesn't know it.

Scott likes to just sit on the couch by the front window and watch. Watch what? Anything and everything. Apparently we have a pretty "active" neighborhood.

There are often cop cars in the parking lot by our house (sometimes pulling people over, other times just waiting for the opportunity). Scott thinks this is something that needs watching.

If we hear something outside, not necessarily suspicious, he is at the window to see what it is.

If a storm rolls in, the curtains are pulled open to "watch" it. This is what is happening tonight. A huge thunder rumbled through - open went the curtains and he assumed his perch.

I often give him a hard time about this habit, and he doesn't understand why I think it is so funny. There is just something about a person having to know what is going on all of the time, and for it to be a guy is just makes it funnier. (more funny?)

I think that he is passing this on to Henry too. Henry loves to sit by the window and watch the cars go by. He is too young for the commentary that usually goes with it, but I'm sure that will come with time...and the proper training.

Swinging Fun?

Henry's first swinging experience. He wasn't so sure about swinging on his own. Henry held onto the swing tightly when he was on his own. I think that he like swinging with Grandpa and Grandma a lot more than by himself.

For more of Henry's adventures last week click here.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Does Ice Cream Go Bad?

My husband claims that ice cream does not go bad.

I do not agree.

This conversation surfaced last night after I made strawberry shortcake. I said that we had some "ice cream" in the freezer to go with it, if he wanted to take a chance. I wasn't sure how long it was in there, but I thought I would offer. (He isn't much of a shortcake fan so I thought this would help.) He didn't understand why I would question the ice cream, "Ice cream doesn't go bad."

Then what do you call the ice crystals that form on the top? Why does Golden Vanilla turn a deeper shade of yellow the longer it sits? Why is the last bowl from a container so gooey? Milk spoils after a week of being open, so if ice cream is made from milk...?

We ate strawberry shortcake, and topped it with ice cream. It didn't look overly yellowed to me, so I thought I would chance it this time.

Tonight to further prove his point, Scott choked down an ice cream sandwich. Normally this is not a big deal, today - a somewhat questionable decision. I really have NO idea how long they have been in the freezer. Probably since the last frozen food month at Meijer (not the one in March, the one before that - 4 months ago?).

I told him that they did not need to be eaten, I was going to dump them. Scott would hear nothing of it.

The paper kind of peeled off, but only to reveal the layer of crystals. His comment, "Why do you pay extra for those special freezer bags? You should just wrap everything in paper, it works just fine. This ice cream looks great, just a little tan." Cream...Tan...same thing, right?! New...Old...I prove my point.

I asked if he was going to eat the rest of the box. He thought that he would since they haven't gone bad yet. Freezer burn, no such thing, my husband says "just protective nuggets."

"Just because it has a little ice on it, it isn't junk.
It's a freezer, it happens."

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Enjoying Spring

Scott is sure that Henry is a pro-bass fisherman in the
making. He told Henry that this is the only time he can sit on the front seat of the boat, that is Daddy's seat since that is where the trolling motor is. Henry just liked sitting in the boat, he didn't care where it was.

Saturday Grandpa and Grandma came over in the afternoon to help in our yard clean-up efforts. Henry "helped" to power wash the house. I don't know how useful he was, but the house sparkles!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Standing Ovation (part II)

Not only has Henry started standing in his crib, he now stands everywhere else. It looks like he will be too tall to be left alone in the pack and play soon. Once that happens there will be no getting anything done while he is awake!

The $15 Lion

Henry decided that sleeping has now become optional. We had been working on getting him to sleep for the majority of the night, but he didn't think this was such a great idea.

Friday night Henry screamed quite a long time - to the point that we thought he must be sick or have something that was hurting him. I was going to bring him into the doctor on Saturday morning, but didn't. Henry seemed fine in the morning and wasn't touching his ears (as he had done all night long). So I figured that we were moving on.

About 11:30pm Saturday night I realized I was wrong. Back to the screaming, arching back and ear pulling.

Sunday Henry was cranky, but somewhat back to normal. Sunday night it all started again, but worse. I think that I got about 3 hours of sleep. By 5:30am we were both crying on the couch.

Unfortunately I had agreed to work Monday (my normal day off) to cover vacations. My mom willingly came to deal with the crying bundle until I could get him into the doctor. Of course by this point I'm feeling like the worst, guilty mom for not bringing him in sooner.

My mom met me at the doctor's office with Henry. We were in and out in five minutes. Henry saw his regular doctor who informed us that NOTHING was wrong. I begged to differ! Nothing was physically wrong with him, but 3 hours of sleep a night is definitely wrong! The doctor's comment was "Henry, if you weren't so cute..." and then gave him a little plastic lion for coming in to visit.

As I paid our copay and walked out I told Henry he was holding a very expensive lion!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Nine Months Old

Today Henry is officially nine months. I can't believe how fast is it going. He is rolling, crawling, pulling himself up on things and even taking a few steps while holding your hands. He is constantly on the move, we can't leave him alone anymore, he will NOT be where we left him if we do.

Henry has his two bottom teeth and we think he might be working on more. He seems to look a little different every day. He is definitely not a baby anymore!

My favorite thing right now is his giggle and the half smiles he gives Scott when he is too tired to laugh.

Cookies...and Frosting

Today I spent attempting to get things done around the house. Henry hung in there for the morning portion, but by lunch he was sick of the saucer, jumper and pack and play. After lunch we made cookies. Henry 'helped' by holding onto the edge of the bowl while I scooped them onto the cookie sheets. Thank goodness for the Pampered Chef Scoop, one hand no problem.

I have a book of cookie recipes that I had received from my sister as a shower gift. I found out after the fact that is was a garage sale find. (I had a lot of showers...she came to them all!) I believe that I have only made two recipes out of the whole book. So today I hauled it out and said I was going to try something new. It has very tempting pictures so I thought I could find a good one.

I picked the oatmeal raisin cookies. I knew though that Scott would not be thrilled since he had suggested "chocolate chip, or whatever you want." So in an effort to jazz up the raisins I added chocolate chips.

What a bust. Not the chocolate chips, the cookies as a whole.

When Henry and I got up from a nap I noticed Scott had eaten some, but he didn't say anything about them. I admitted that they weren't so great and he immediately chimed in!

While I got supper ready I thought I would try to save the cookies by whipping up some frosting. Great frosting, bad cookies. I think that the frosting is about 1/2 inch thick, and it still isn't a very tasty snack. The cookies pull down the frosting on the yummy scale.

At least there is extra frosting in the fridge now!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It Took Another Blizzard...

The last blizzard enabled me to take a new perspective on my life. This April blizzard was no different. I read in an article this weekend that the first year after your child is born is spent developing a new way of life and then attempting to accept it, and even enjoy it. I know that what "they say" isn't always accurate but I did find some truth in this one.

When I read that statement I knew I had been trying too hard to keep up my pre-baby way of life while also living in baby land. It was not working, I'm not denying that, I just thought that eventually everything would work itself out. I assumed that if I tried harder it would get easier. I was spending too much time thinking about what I was giving up or not doing than what I had gained or could be doing.

I was talking about this with a friend at work and she was able to relate. She always has great advice and her comment on this was that although I'm not able to do everything I want as I used to, I'm not giving things up permanently. Eventually hobbies and outings will return to what they used to be, but they may have a little helper with them. Even the routine things that have become a little harder with a little one around will become easier - or they too could be different if Henry is 'helping'. All of the old things may have a special "Henry Bonus", but really what could be better than that?!

So hopefully as the snow fades so will my old way of doing things. Life has only gotten better since Henry arrived, Scott and I both agree on that. Adjusting to this life is taking longer than we thought, but recognizing the change is what will make the difference.

Monday, April 9, 2007


Henry was all dressed up in his Easter best. It drives me nuts how there is twice as much little girl clothes out there, so when I saw this cute outfit for Henry I had to get it! (My uncle just loves it when boy's clothes are referred to as an "outfit").

We went to Scott's family for lunch and thought Henry was going to miss it all. He fell asleep on the way home from church, but woke up as soon as "Lunch is ready." Henry hates to miss a meal.

In the evening we went to Uncle Matt and Aunt Olivia's. Henry loves playing with someone else's toys. It was a fun night that ended with both Levi and Henry in the toy box...a good place for two little boys!

It was a long day for Henry - he slept the whole night through!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Standing Ovation

Henry started crawling a week ago...he has now moved on to standing up. Today my mom called me at work to say that she found Henry standing in his crib! Napping was not in the cards, especially when there are more new and exciting things to do.

Tonight when Scott got home his first duty was to lower the mattress in the crib, again. It seems like we just did this when Henry started rolling. Rather than do this yet again in two weeks, Scott dropped it down as far as it could go. I'm going to have to take the crib skirt off too, it is just puddling on the floor. I'm so glad that we spent the money on a crib set that now has turned into just a sheet (that didn't even come with the set). Oh well, the mobile is still hanging...barely.

Hopefully Henry will enjoy his "new" crib.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Art of Imitation

It all started when Henry was born. It was 3 in the morning and Henry decided sleeping was not in his best interest. I would try to get him to sleep but nothing really worked. I finally resorted to the tactic of imitation. (Perhaps even at this young age he could catch on and if he did he would forever be putty in my hands.) I shut my eyes and rocked. If my eyes are shut, his must be too...wrong. I love having my head rubbed...Henry couldn't care less. So I yawned. Who can resist yawning after someone else does...Henry can.

Months later I am still trying to get this tactic to work. Although there are still the occasional naps that start with "look mommy's tired, you must be too!" "See how mommy nap too!" Only if the hypnotizing ceiling fan is on does this work. Instead of sleeping imitation, we are still trying this in the area of eating. Henry likes to hold his cheerios, not eat them. Anything and everything else will go in his mouth, anything but food. We all put O's in our fingers and say "Look Henry, like this" and put them in our mouths...Henry throws his on the floor. (As annoying as this is - it is adorable - he just looks straight at you, puts his hand out to the side and opens his little fist...plop plop... There is nothing like the sound of cheerios hitting the wood floor, it makes us smile. We don't do that while he is looking though, that is not the right time to imitate!)

Apparently I'm trying at this too hard. The other night Scott laughed as I feed Henry his veggies. Everytime the spoon would go towards Henry, I would open my mouth! Oops, he really doesn't need help with that one. Oh well, if I keep trying maybe someday my plotting will pay off.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Off and Crawling!

Henry has finally started to crawl!
He has been backing up for weeks, but finally took the plunge in going forward. It all started on Thursday, and he has been on the go ever since. It is amazing how fast he can move when he sees something he wants. It is only a matter of time before there is no stopping him!