Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An Update in Pictures

Although it may still seem like we are non-existent, here are a few pictures to prove that we are here. The first one is from awhile back (obvious by the flannel pj's). Meleah loves to "help" with the baking, banana bread is the most popular, and the easiest to mix with little hands.

In the unseasonably warm temps Grandma treated us to a day at the Gardens. Unfortunately our day was a little cooler. I thought maybe we could make it without doing the water fun...the kids thought otherwise. Meleah was soaked in minutes!

Scott hit a milesone birthday. So we had a little party, just for the benefit of the kids of course!

One of our regular outings is getting groceries. The kids favorite part is the pony, but more recently getting a cookie out of the bulk aisle. They love the idea of picking out whichever one they want. On a quick trip with Meleah, I was looking at the bread (opposite the bulk cookies) and Meleah made sure I knew what was on the other side. "Coook-ie" So we got 4, all of the same kind to be fair. Meleah held the little bag tightly in her fist the rest of the trip. On the ride home she wanted to hold them again. She and I chatted, and then she quieted down. I assumed it was because she was sleepy. I was wrong. When we got home I turned around to see a chocolate smeared face just grinning. Meleah had gnawed through the bag to get at the "coook-ies"! We all still got our portion even though they were slightly "used".

Finally, this is how most of our days end:

We put Henry to bed and he is never quite ready...until he is ready...