Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good Bye 2010

We made it. We survived 2010...

...perhaps a little worse for the wear, but still in one piece.
It was a whirl wind year. I really can't believe how fast it went and how much life changed. I don't know that I can even put my finger on all of the actual events, but when I think back on the year, I smile. And when I think of the new year, I'm excited for where it will take us!
So here's to 2011--
--another year of change
--another year of excitement
--and hopefully a year with more blogging!

Christmas Day

We had our immediate family Christmas after church on Christmas Day. Henry and Meleah exchanged the gifts they had for each other, which were perhaps their favorite gifts. We could have stopped right there! Of course we didn't, and the kids loved every minute.

(This was the only picture I took of Meleah with her Cinderella doll from Henry...I didn't notice her facial expression until later. I can't believe how much she looks NOTHING like this in person!)

The Holiday Parties

The kids did pretty well at all of our parties this well as a 4 & 2 year old can do! They enjoyed the festivities and the anticipation of everything involved. They loved hanging out with their cousins and of course all of the presents!

The extended family parties


Our 2010 Family Christmas pictures

Holiday Baking

I had way too high of expections for this holiday season. I wanted to get my shopping and planning done early so that I would have the month of December for crafts, baking and holiday fun with my kids. I did get my shopping done, but I think it worked out because we were all going to get sick during the month before Christmas. As a result, the sum total of my holiday aspirations came out to be Holiday Hug Bullseyes with the kids.

We made quite a few batches. Whenever I needed to spend a length of time in the kitchen (usually getting dinner ready or cleaning up from dinner) I would haul out a bag of HUGS and let the kids go to town. We did branch out in our flavors and methods this year, but they still turned out every time. I would say our "holiday baking" this year was a success!