Saturday, April 18, 2009

Meleah turns 10 months

Meleah is 10 months today! I can hardly believe how fast it is going again! We spent most of the day outside enjoying the sun. She wasn't so sure about a hat all of the time, but if I slipped it on while she was distracted it stood a better chance. She stood without holding onto anything for a good few minutes, and then looked around and sat down. I wouldn't be surprised if she is walking soon! Meleah loves the new food she has been trying - what ever we are having that is soft enough for her. She has her top two teeth coming through, one is over half way and we just noticed it! She is very talkative and loves to giggle, we are loving all of it!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I realized the other day that I don't have nearly as many pictures of Meleah sleeping as I do of Henry. Meleah gave me some great opportunities this week to catch up!

Happy Easter

Monday, April 6, 2009

While Henry is away...Meleah will play!

Henry went on a special trip Saturday with Grandpa, Grandma and Levi. That left Meleah home with all of the toys and no one to stop her. She was thrilled! I opened the train set for her because it was the first thing she went for, and she has never played with it before. At first she was content to just hold the train. Once she figured out how to turn it on the fun really began. She chased it around the living room, although the train never stood a chance!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What a week...what do you mean it isn't done yet?!

This week started on Friday after 5 pm...actually it started back in November when I got my jury duty summons. I was thrilled, so thrilled that I filed it in the cupboard and tried as hard as I could to forget about it. I should've filed it better!

So Friday night I called, and yes, I had to go in on Monday. I was a wreck all weekend. It was just selection, but I do not do well with this sort of thing. I did survive and I did not get picked for any of the trials, I think they knew better. I only had to go in on Monday and not another day!

Tuesday was a work day...I came home to Meleah with a fever. Bring on the cling-on for the next two days! Both kids were troopers through it though. Henry does a great job playing on his own and Meleah survived a LONG trip to Meijer with a couple other errands thrown in. We were all thrilled for Scott to come home.

Today was another story. Meleah woke up still having a fever, so we headed to the doctor and left with two prescriptions (which were a disaster to get filled - we won't share that tale) which were not directly related to her fever. The afternoon came and went with no napping by either child. Scott came home to an ornery and worn out group. Meleah's fever went up and the patience level for everyone went down. Both kids were in bed by 8 and only a few peeps here and there.

Henry has been coping with the lack of attention by throwing "Dance Parties" in Meleah's room. I suggested his room and the living room as alternates, but Henry didn't go for it. There is just something about someone else's space I guess. Here is a clip of the latest craze. (I forgot about the angle of the camera at first, but I did correct it, my apologies.)

We are praying that tomorrow brings less fever and more patience, or at a minimum that the laughter and dancing continues!