Monday, October 22, 2012

What are we here for?

I started this blog for me.  It turned into a family blog, and then back to me.   I wasn't writing for anyone in particular, until I discovered how much it meant to my grandparents to have a glimpse into our life.  Whenever they called they were quick to mention that they had seen the latest update or picture.  Even when I didn't feel like posting I would try to keep a new picture or two coming for them.  Then life got busier and the blog fell to the back burner.  They always used to say, "We know that you are busy and it is okay." 

But when is the excuse of being "busy" ever okay?

I recently said an earthly good-bye to both of these grandparents.  It makes me deeply regret the busy that kept me from them more.

I have been struggling through the loss and the emotion that has come with this.  As I walked away from the cemetary, I tried to leave the regret there.  Neither one of them would ever hold the past against me, and they would hate that I feel bad about it now.  They both lived to love others, no matter what.

I'm taking that to heart.  It is their legacy, to love others as Jesus did.  To be there for their family and to live as we are called.

Unconditional love for my children.   Listening and watching when they speak.  Disciplining in love.  Laying together at bedtime.  Focusing on the fun.  Teaching them the TRUTH.  

In practicing this I have now over heard conversations that melt my heart, seen love in action by children, heard the gospel through the mouths of babes and have heartfelt moments with each of my kids. 

I am trying to live with purpose and pass on the legacy.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Delayed Appreciation

One thing that my husband appreciates is having his lunch and coffee made in the morning. I do this occasionally. I thought that as a fresh start to 2012 I would get back in the habit.
After a few days of getting up early to serve him, I realized that most of what I do in the morning could be prepared the night before.

Night one: Finish the dishes, start lunches and prepare coffee pot.

Morning one: No coffee. Realize the clock is set backwards. PM does not mean Pre-Morning.

Night two: Finish the dishes, start lunches and prepare coffee pot.

Morning two: No coffee. Never turned on the delayed start.

Night Three: My husband asked if we still had the coffee pot manual. I acknowledged that yes, we probably did. I assumed he was asking because we were doing dishes and he wanted to clean the coffee maker. I assured him that we did, and I would work on getting that taken care of. He said, “No, I thought it might help in setting the timer.”

I have learned to appreciate his sarcasm