Monday, March 24, 2008

My Big Boy

Henry has decided that he is a big boy. It doesn't help that we keep telling him that he is, or that he needs to act like one. The other day I asked if he was "my sweet little boy." He responded, "No, big boy." I stand corrected.

One thing that is coming along with the big boy status is refusal to sit in his chair. He wants to sit "in mommy's chair". This was yesterday morning, breakfast in mommy's chair. It didn't seem to bother Henry that the table is just a little too high. I think it just adds to the fun.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Countdown to Healthy

A trip to the doctor's office revealed that Henry was more than just fussy, he has an ear infection, and that is on top of his cough and cold. It doesn't make dealing with the whinning and temper tantrums any easier, but at least there might be an end in sight. The doctor said we should see improvment in about 48 hours, I think that is 47 too many.

One dose of antibiotics down...about 19 more to go!

Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Pathetic's Day

I asked him to smile...he thought that I was nuts. Only after showing him his own picture on the camera would he crack a grin. I was lucky enough to get it turned around again to snap this picture.

Smiles have been in low quantity at our house this weekend. Henry seems to have the never ending cold. He stayed home from church yesterday, and woke up just the same this morning. For breakfast he had to have a sippy of apple juice AND a sippy of orange juice. That then led into two plates, one with a blueberry muffin, one with an orange. As if this weren't enough pampering he then had to have blankie close by. The table was not close enough. It needed to be tucked behind him so that he could lean his little face on it every other bite. Pathetic.

But really, who is more pathetic, the sick little boy, or the mom who provides every whim for the sick little boy?!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bass Pro

Saturday Scott, Henry and Scott's Dad went to the Bass Pro Shop.

This day has set the course for this week...and probably a lot longer. Henry is completely absorbed by hunting, fishing and everything outdoors. All we hear about are rods, reels and lures. We also hear about every animal he saw: moose, goose, crappies, turtles, bucks, etc. Now anytime you ask Henry where he went (no matter what day or where he actually went) he will reply "Bass Pro!"

After they got home Scott found one of his rods for Henry to practice with.
This is now all that Henry wants to do!