Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Newest Fleet Member

Scott's new truck is running and ready to go. I use the term "new" loosely. It is new to us, but it is almost 20 years old! A 1988 Ford has join the ranks in our driveway. It is weird to see a truck out there again, but it was a great buy and will serve its purpose by pulling the boat all summer. Henry thought that it was pretty cool, his favorite part was looking in the mirrors - he gets that from his mom!

Friday, March 23, 2007

For the Love of Frosting

I think that it all started when we were allowed to eat frosting on graham crackers whenever we went to Aunt Lil's. She and Uncle Doug decorate cakes and always have an ample supply. I have always loved licking the beaters, or just eating a spoonful. Cake or graham cracker...not necessary.

When it is accompanied by cake I was (and still am) always willing to take the edge or corner piece with the extra frosting when no one wants it. I would even scope one out before taking a piece from a table full. It took a little while for Scott to learn that I was not the girl who doesn't need the extra sugar - I lived for it - so don't offer to get me some and come back with a skimpy piece and loaded piece expecting to eat the good one yourself. No, I will eat frosting off your plate every time!

No frosting is immune either. Butter cream, chocolate, Arnie's, Costco, and the most convenient: Betty Crocker. It's on sale this week at Meijer, only $1 a tub. My first trip this week I held back, the second trip, not so strong. I made cupcakes, just to have leftover, it is sad to admit that really. But at least this time there were cupcakes, normally it is just an open tub sitting helpless in the fridge, tucked just behind the condiments my husband doesn't eat so that he won't know it is there, ready to be dipped into at any time. It's defenseless to my advances...never stood a chance.

In fact, Scott is out in the garage right now. I took advantage of this by indulging in the last spoonful. He never knew what hit him (Scott or the frosting). I don't know that Scott would share in the frosting fest, I didn't ever want to take the chance. I gave him hints, glimpses, rare opportunites to partake, "I'm having graham crackers and frosting, do you want one?" He turned it down every time, and thus, the episodes continued.

It's so bad that last night after I made the cupcakes Scott came home and asked if I had one. I asked why, not admitting to any alledged activities. He commented that I had frosting on my lips. Any normal person would have wiped it off with a napkin or towel. Not me, I attacked my lips with my tongue, no frosting would be lost to a napkin!

By writing this, I know am increasing the risk of being 'found out' by Scott (everyone really) but I think that my conscience and probably my hips are silently screaming against the obscenity that is the love of frosting!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Just Fish

Scott and Grandpa can't wait for Henry to be old enough to fish. Scott let him dress the part in his hat. Henry seems to like it...hopefully he will like fishing too!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Pedicure Anyone?

Yesterday's babysitting resulted in a few bare feet. Olivia said that Levi has begun taking his socks off, especially during naps. Henry on the other hand will take his socks off anytime that he can, and if he is cranky it is a sure fix.

After the naps Levi must have had one hot foot, so he pulled off his sock. Henry's sock fetish kicked in and he grabbed Levi's sock and put it in his mouth. Levi wasn't so sure about this turn of events. We had to take off Henry's sock in order for Levi to have his back.

So the next while was spent one sock on and one sock off...whatever makes them happy!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy 8 Months!

Henry is officially 8 months today! We can't believe how much he has grown, I had to take out the 12-18 month clothes for him...and some of those waist bands were a little tight already. Henry is trying with all of his might to crawl. He is able to pull his legs up, but usually slides back down to his belly. He spends more time going backwards than forwards. He is using this to his advantage though by rolling over and then sliding back towards whatever he wants. I guess he is just an alternative thinker!

Henry spent the day at Levi's house playing and napping. The boys are definitely learning to share this week. Our dad and mom are vacationing so Olivia and I are sharing day care duties. Henry and Levi get to see each other everyday this week...they seem to be handling it well!

Yesterday Henry wore his NMC warm ups! Great Uncle Don and Aunt Joyce gave these to Henry when he was born. He is just the right size for them and looks like quite the jock. Perhaps sports will be in his future!

Henry loves to play in his toy bucket. He pulls everything out and then gets in himself. Apparently it is not only fun, but tasty too. We are constantly finding him sucking on the edges!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Send in the Duck!

Ever since we started dating I have been able to polish off a bowl of ice cream long before Scott finished. He has always commented on this too. Ususally it is something like "did you even taste that as it went down?" He loves to tell people when the topic comes up that "her spoon hits the bottom of the bowl before I've taken my second bite."

I just shake off the comments because I love my ice cream and don't really care if I eat it quickly or not. I have never gotten a 'brain freeze' or anything similar. I consider this then a skill or talent that I possess. Maybe even a special power!

It was mostly my family that knew of this special power, but it came up yesterday at work. A vendor brought in bagels and I of course had one. I ate it as quickly as my ice cream I guess. The question was then asked "Do you eat like a duck and not even chew your food just swallow?" I was appalled!

So, it got me to I inhale my ice cream tonight. I've heard (alternate phrase to "they say") that you really only taste the first two bites of your food and then just swallow the rest. I figure then that if I savor the first two bites it doesn't really matter if I scarf down the rest. I'm sure that this philosophy applies to calories as well, but that is another topic another time.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

"they say..."

Ever since I became pregnant for Henry this phrase was constantly spewing from my mouth. I'm not sure when exactly it started, but I am thinking that it was the first time Scott thought he knew more about pregnancy than I did. Any book I read, idea I came across, or absurd story I heard that I even remotely identified with, was then conveyed to my husband starting with the phrase "they say..."

Does spouting an idea prefaced by "they say" make it more believeable? Who I am trying to convince, my husband or just myself? I find that I usually throw out this coined phrase when I know Scott will question the statement I am going to make. And if for some reason I forget to start with it, his quizical look after I make my case quickly prompts the follow up "at least that is what I've heard (and the optional 'they say' can also be included)."

At one point Scott said to me, "Who is 'they'? You say that all of the time and I really don't know who you are talking about." I realized at this point that although I do say "they" often, he was obviously focusing on the wrong portion of my ramblings. I was quick to assure him that "they" are doctors, magazines or anyone else that confirms any weird and outlandish thoughts/ideas I have. Whoever "they" is isn't important, the rest of the babble is.

After going through this conversation again the other night, because yes, I'm still starting most sentences with this phrase, I realized that I even think it to myself. This morning, for example, I was making my bed and found two things in it that could raise 'their' suspicions.
The first I had put there and I had put him there on purpose. If I want one more hour of sleep, or if I just want to get ready for work without two little blue eyes watching my every move, this is the way it has to be. I don't think that it matters "they say you shouldn't encourage co-sleeping once your child hits a certain age or it will become a habit". I love that last hour, or when his little arms smack me in the face during his first morning stretch. Maybe I'll regret it when he is 8 and still in our bed for an hour every morning, but "they say you should enjoy them while they're young!"

The second thing I found though was really what spurred my thinking and this post. As I flipped the covers up, this small sock was revealed. I know that it isn't mine, or Scott's, it has to be Henry's. So why is it in our bed? Maybe because our bed has become his changing table, his napping place, and an additional play spot. Our friends made the comment that you could tell Henry had taken over the house. I shared this comment with Scott as we got ready that night and cleared our bed of a small pair of sweat pants, a stuffed dog and a box of wet wipes. We decided we had no idea what they were talking about!

So...'they say' you should keep your bedroom free of child things so that it remains an adult room, a place for just you and your husband. But is this really something to believe? Our bedroom has become a place that Henry crashes on Sunday mornings before we all get up, or before dinner as we change our clothes. It is where we snuggle after his bath, or lay any time just to watch the ceiling fan spin. All of those moments I would never give up or change, so at what point do you have to question what 'they say'?

I guess that is really the point. 'They say' is just a cover for "I'm not sure what to think about this but other people think that..." Do you believe the so called experts, or motherly instinct that feels right. It shouldn't matter what 'they say' only what I say! I try to tell that to my husband too, but his response is "they should keep your mind open to what others have to say!"

Monday, March 5, 2007

Child Labor

Henry was in rare form tonight. He woke up from his afternoon nap a little more than upset, cried through dinner and didn't want to do much of anything. After a bit of whining his second wind hit and he was a totally different boy.

Henry helped vacuum, by jumping onto it when it came close to him, with his dad's help. And then he helped fold the laundry. Actually he just practiced getting in and out of the basket. Whatever it takes to keep him from crying!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Move over Mozart

Henry is our newest musician. It has become a favorite for him to sit and "play". He even looks at the music like he is really reading it. It has gotten to the point that he gets mad when you try to remove him from the bench. Grandma said that one day he "played" for over 20 minutes. Today he added a little vocal to the mix, he is becoming his own band.
I think that we have a ham on our hands!