Wednesday, January 30, 2008

From Mommy to MOM

Henry has discovered persistence.

When he wants something he used to whine. We have almost broken him of this annoying habit. Now he just calls out to us, and raises his voice in his own little way.


It will go in spurts until I go to him (if he is in his crib), or until he finds me (if I am in the other room).

It is hard not to laugh when he does it. Scott thinks it is hilarious, but only because he doesn't do "DAD-DAD-DAD" nearly as often.

Monday, January 28, 2008

An Up and Down Day

We have finally come to the end of a long day.

This morning started out great. Henry and I enjoyed waking up and hanging out in our bed. He slept in until Curious George was on, his favorite. Henry loves to get his pajamas off and rub his toes on the sheets. This morning he was full of giggles too.

We took off to Meijer and when we got home the good day went down hill. When we got out of the van Henry still wanted his blanket, but I had already started to shut the door. I think the rest is self-explanatory. A trip to the doctor, the hospital for x-rays, a dose of motrin, three stitches and many tears later we ended up back at home. Henry was exhausted. Thankfully no broken bones and a long nap for a brave little boy.

Tonight things got better again. Henry had his first haircut! He watched Scott have his trimmed and then took his turn in the chair. He wasn't so sure the whole time, but did good over all.

Thanks Leigh for doing such a great job!

To Honk or to Quack...

Henry loves ducks and "gooses". His latest favorite activity is paging through Scott's Water Fowl magazine. First thing in the morning we sit on our bed, have juice and look at the ducks. This of course brings on the quacking. Henry is not a quiet "quacker" either. Every other animal sound is at a tolerable level, but not the duck. The quack reaches a whole new decibel level. He has often scared fellow shoppers at Old Navy when he sees the big yellow duck in the window. (My apologies if you are one of them!)

The funniest part of all of this is that Henry knows the difference between a goose and a duck, however, both say "quack". We have tried non-stop to get him the "honk" for a goose, but no luck.

The other day Henry was sitting by the table for snack time "talking" on his cell phone. As I walked through the kitchen he revealed that he was talking to Goose and then said "Honk, honk, honk!" I looked at him and said "What?" Oops, he was caught! "Quack Quack" he quickly responded.

We had suspected he was attempting to fool us, and now we knew for sure!

Yesterday was another interesting turn in this activity. Scott took Henry to Great Grandma's after church. Henry showed off all of his words and animal sounds. Then came the duck and the goose. Scott asked him to do each one and was answered with a QUACK for both. Scott's Uncle Tom asked Henry what a goose says and was answered with a Honk. They tried this exchange a few times and it had the same results every time!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Old Man Slippers

Henry got his first pair of "old man slippers" yesterday. Scott has a couple of pairs, so when we saw these Henry had to have some too.

Henry goes in spurts with liking to wear them or not. Soon he will see how comfortable they are and never want to take them off.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Henry's Half-Birthday

Today Henry turned 18 months. It is his half-birthday. Scott does not understand my obsession with half-birthdays. I blame this on the fact that he does not have a summer birthday.

I grew up not able to celebrate my real birthday at school - thus the need for a half-birthday. I think that thanks are needed for whatever teacher came up with this fabulous idea. I have every year then made note of January 17, my half-birthday. I used to tell Scott this, even work up to it like a real birthday. He never caught on.

So today, January 14th, Henry and I celebrated his half-birthday. We shopped at the Old Navy sale and split a donut from Meijer. We had a good day.

I did tell Scott of our day, his response, "You and your half-birthdays."

One, two or three?

Henry's bedtime routine includes a few songs before turning in. He continues to love to ones with motions. A few nights ago he started clapping along, so I tried to think of songs that included clapping. I had to dig back into my sunday school days for a few. We sang Clap Your Hands, and it has become Henry's favorite. He giggles uncontrollably during the "Hosanna" and "Praise Him" parts (this is when we throw our arms in the air).

Tonight I asked him what he wanted to sing and he responded by clapping his hands. So through Clap your Hands we sang.

Henry: "Again!"

So we sang it again...and again...and again. I remembered that you are supposed to sing it faster each time. This just caused more giggles. After 3 or 4 times through I just started singing something else. Henry kept saying "More" after each song.

It was time to wrap it up so I asked him, "Do you want to sing the clapping song, the great song (My God is So Great) or Deep and Wide?"

His response: "Yes!"

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Man of ebay

My husband Scott loves ebay. Anytime he is on the internet he always has to check it out. He can sit for hours "looking". I ask him why he looks at things that he isn't going to buy, and his response is "I like to be in the know".

He does occasionally purchase things. So he likes to keep his paypal account at a good balance for this purpose. He maintains his fund by selling random things from around the house. Some of these items I would buy, others not so much. This round of selling is in the not so much.

Tonight was the best example of this. Scott pulled up his listings to see where they were at. "Yes, 4 people have looked at this one!"

Then he remembered that he looked at it 3 of those times.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pregnant with Envy

One thing that I have tried to be diligent in during this pregnancy is taking belly pictures every month. I have 9 pictures of "Henry Belly", so I think that this baby deserves 9 too. We have been getting them all, not right on schedule, but close. Last night was picture number four. Scott has a little trouble getting my camera to take pictures (his always turn out dark), so I told him to stand there and I would find the right spot.

Scott, of course, had to make the whole production worthwhile.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008