Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ready, Set, Go

Last night was the pancake dinner at church. Henry got a special pancake that was shaped like Mickey Mouse. I think he was a little distraught when I cut Mickey’s ear off, but he quickly got over it. He was especially onto something else when he saw the other little boys out of their chairs and running around.

Levi, Matthew & Henry

Henry got down and ran too. In fact they had races in the hallway. It kept them entertained for quite a while. Henry would trip during the race and Levi and Matthew would stop and lay down next to him. Although Henry couldn’t always keep up, he was never left behind.


After two cancelled weekends due to snow, I finally got to go to IKEA. I went with my sister, mom and aunt instead of Scott, but he really didn’t mind. Henry was excited when I came back home. I think that he was more excited about the giant shopping bag filled with fun stuff – mostly for him!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Sick of Sick

This week has finally come to an end. Monday was typical, then Tuesday morning brought the flu for me. Tuesday night brought the flu for Henry. We each had it a little differently, but it definitely wiped us both out! Wednesday and Thursday were big napping days for us, and we were slowly back to our routine today. Henry seemed like he was getting sick again today, but we're hoping that isn't the case.

Things to be thankful for during a sick week:
-a husband who took the day off to care for Henry while I was sick
-a working washer and dryer (running all Tuesday night)
-enough blankies and stuffed animals to rotate all night long
-enough comfy clothes and pajamas for Henry to wear all night long
-efficient plumbing
-enough "buckets" to go around
-the fact that Scott did NOT get sick
-sick days from work to stay home

and the one that made me smile everytime no matter how gross and tired I was:
-a little voice that would respond "okay" whenever I said "It's okay, mommy's here"

Monday, February 18, 2008

Carousel - Round Two

Saturday we went to the mall, so Henry rode the carousel again. It is amazing that he gets so excited when he sees it, but has no expression during the entire ride!

Monday, February 11, 2008

A Morning at the Mall

Today we went to the mall with Olivia and Levi. While there the boys took their first carousel rides. Henry was thrilled, but hardly changed his expression the entire time we rode. Levi also thought it was a lot of fun. They were both upset when we had to leave!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dinnertime Helper

Henry loves to "help" with anything that I make in the kitchen. Tonight I think that he was just clingy, but he wanted to help nonetheless.

Because of the snow I wanted to make a quick supper so that Scott would get something before heading out to plow, so we made Chicken Buns. Apparently I didn't keep a close enough eye on the buns:
At least Henry enjoyed them. I had more, although someone will be getting a bun with two bottoms!

Monday, February 4, 2008

No More Stitches

It has been a week, and the day started out eerily similar. Wake up at 8 and watch George...breakfast...think about going to Meijer. Instead we headed to the doctor's office to have Henry's stitches removed. It didn't go so smoothly, but one nurse, on med student and two doctors later Henry's hand is stitch free. It took getting our doctor, the one who put them in, to actually take them out. He is the best! Henry bounced back rather quickly and a visit to Grandma's house eliminated any traces of the bad morning.