Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Critter Barn Field Trip

Today Henry and I visited the Critter Barn for his second field trip. There were a lot of critters, Henry wasn't so sure about all of them, but he did find a couple of favorites.

Henry was willing to pet the chicken, not hold it, just pet it.

The bunnies on the other hand, one of Henry's favorites. The other was the kittens. I think he could have stayed in that area of the critters the entire time!

Henry also made friends with a goat...the feeling was mutual:

Milking: not Henry's thing, but he was willing to watch.

A Brother's Love (part two)

A brother's love...is like no other.

Last night Henry proved his love once again, but not in the priceless way we always hope for.

Scott and I were doing dishes. Meleah and Henry were playing in the living room. Meleah started to cry and between sobs we heard "Henry hit me." Henry of course denied it, he did reveal though that he pushed her off the couch instead.

Meleah's crying slowed down and even stopped at times. But she wouldn't move her arm, or let us anywhere near it. Meleah is one tough cookie when it comes to getting pushed around or hurt, so we knew that this was a bigger deal than just a bruise.

After calling the pediatrician we headed to the children's ER in our area to have her checked out. Meleah was very excited to go "down town" but then she would remember that we were going to see the doctor and she would start to cry again.

We had a very nice doctor from our pediatrician's office that saw Meleah. They bonded instantly, with the help of a little squishy elephant. Meleah talked and talked while the doctor felt her arm. Thankfully no broken bones. Just an elbow that was out of joint. One little twist, a pop and Meleah was back to normal.

We left with a sticker covered little girl and a squishy elephant.

The whole way home Meleah kept saying "Pop, she just popped it in. All fixed. My arm's all better. Pop. Pop."

She didn't say a word about it today though. Almost as if it never happened. Almost.

A Brother's Love (part one)

We have a sharp spot on the back of our couch. I'm not sure how to fix it, but I know that I need to do something. The other night proved it.

I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready when I hear Meleah start to cry. When she didn't stop I knew that it was more than just the normal Henry pestering that occurs. Then I heard Henry say "Meleah, go to Mom."

Meleah had cut her elbow on the sharp spot. She would hardly let me see it, but in the quick glances I knew exactly what had happened. I picked her up to go get it bandaged, and noticed she also needed a diaper change. I chose to do the diaper first.

Henry trailed after us to Meleah's room. He made funny faces at her while I changed her diaper and tried to get her to stop crying.

We tromped to the bathroom to find the bandaids, Henry followed.

He watched intently as we picked out the right size and shape bandaid. He made sure Meleah had her gear (blankie and bear) to aid the process.

When we were all set Henry suggested that suckers might make everyone feel better, and watching some Curious George would help too.

As I finished getting dinner ready and the kids sat on the un-sharp couch eating their suckers I over heard them.

Meleah: It really hurts
Henry: I know Meleah

a few minutes later...
Meleah: It really hurts Henry
Henry: I know Meleah, it will be okay

It's good to know that in the appropriate situation Henry will be the best big brother he can be.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Extra Monkeys at the Zoo

Today we were invited to go to the zoo...the kids had a great time and blended right in with all of the animal behavior!

After the zoo it was off to the park for lunch and a chance to run off some more energy!

Meleah was trying her hardest not to look at me since I was trying to take a picture.

Friday, October 8, 2010

My Little Einstein

Last night I had to run to the mall with the kids. (Perhaps HAD is too strong of word but...I digress). When we were loading in the van afterwards Henry said, "Look mom, S R A E S, what does that say?"

I told him that it was the name of the store, SEARS. I said that the letters went in the other order to make the word, and then he repeated them the correct way. I couldn't believe he knew all of the letters.

Henry proceeded to tell me all of the letters and words they were learning in preschool. He didn't stop talking the entire ride home. He has gone to school 7 days, and the amount that he has learned already is amazing.

The best part was that he was, and is, so excited about it. Not only did he have me as an audience, but Meleah too. My little sponges. Meleah repeated everything that Henry said.

I hope they both continue to be so eager to learn!