Thursday, August 12, 2010

Quiet Time...

It is quiet time at our house right now...

...but honestly, it is anything but quiet.

Kind of like this is going through a quiet time. I'm not really sure why, I just don't have much to say. There is still plenty going on, I'm just not sure how or what to share sometimes. I could just post a bunch of pictures and satisfy the need to post (and I probably will soon, so don't despair picture lovers!).

But there are times that I think of what this blog started out to be, it was my thing, my thoughts, my words and then my kids took over.

My kids took over.

Oh, what power and depth that statement has.

A few weeks ago I turned 29. Less than 365 days now until 30. I'm not officially counting down, but the thought is always lingering. I was never one to have lofty goals of "by the time I'm 30....." However, a month or so before The Day of 29 I started thinking. Then during my silent meltdown the week of turning 29 I decided it was time to make those lofty goals and set a path for my 30th year.

I informed a friend of this and she asked if I had made a list and then broke it down into steps so that I could actually accomplish it. I told her I had a list in my head (somewhere in my own little world). She then lovingly said, "Then you'll never get it done".

And she was right.

So, in an attempt to come back to ME, the person that I was pre-children, the person that I am because of children, and the person that I would like to be inspite of my children, I'm going do it. I'm going to make my list, break it down and accomplish it. I'm going to become ME - whatever that means - by the time I'm 30.

I'll share my 30th year with you...I'm still thinking about exactly how to, but I have a few ideas on doing that, I have a few things on my "30th List", and I'm already making progress.

339 days to go.