Monday, August 27, 2007

My Little Helper

Today was "clean the refrigerator day!" What fun! Well, maybe not fun, but at least it left a sparkling appliance and a sense of accomplishment. Henry played by himself during the first half of the event, but decided to help with the second half.

First he emptied out the door while I was loading a shelf. He was less than two feet away from me and I didn't even realize he was doing it. Once he had everything out he started to put it back in. The shelf wasn't cleaned yet, but at least he gets the idea.

Then while I was working on the door he decided that he should re-organize what I had just done. He was very gentle with the containers, no splitting or dropping.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Back to "Normal" Life

This morning the doctors declared that Scott could go home. They never came up with anything to explain what has been happening, so hopefully nothing will happen again.

Back to life, the clock has started ticking. We pray that it will be a long time before it stops again!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Time Stands Still

It is only Tuesday night, but this week seems forever long. For the past two days time has stood still. Four "episodes", two ER trips, two nights in the hospital and many tests later, we are still wondering. Scott has been having some chest tightening and numbness which has in turn led us to the hospital.

We have been amazed at how quickly a ticking watch turns into a stopped one. Go to this test...wait...the next test...wait. We are still waiting. They have determined that this has nothing to do with his heart, and are currently ruling out his brain, neck and head arteries. They aren't expecting anything, but we should know first thing in the morning for sure.

We are heavily relying on what "they say" lately, but it seems we have no other choice. It is the dilemma of wanting something to come up, but being relieved when nothing does. We are praying that night will bring good sleep for both of us and a new morning that brings Scott back home.

Henry, however, has been enjoying his week and his first sleepover away from mom and dad. He has been working on perfecting his walking and let out a record belch this afternoon. I'm not sure what they do over at Auntie O's and Uncle Matt's, but Henry is loving it - and we are grateful!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

It Started with a Box

I brought home a box from work. It has turned into Scott and Henry's new "thing". It started with Scott pushing Henry around the house in the box. That wasn't too much fun for either one. Scott told Henry he needed his help on something in the garage. I had no idea what he could be taking about. They came back with twine to tie to the box.

Sometimes they drag race down the hallway, other times Henry is chauffered around the living room, down the hall, into his bedroom, back up the hall and into the kitchen. Henry then needs company, so each pass through his bedroom he will pick up another "friend" and they join him in the box. Every once in a while someone doesn't make the cut and Henry displaces them from the box.

Henry will giggle, sometimes. He has this look about him as they ride around, we aren't exactly sure what he is thinking though. Perhaps he is having fun, but not as much fun as us so he doesn't want to hurt our feelings.

I tried to capture this in pictures, but there is just something missing. Maybe this video will paint a better picture.