Monday, October 22, 2012

What are we here for?

I started this blog for me.  It turned into a family blog, and then back to me.   I wasn't writing for anyone in particular, until I discovered how much it meant to my grandparents to have a glimpse into our life.  Whenever they called they were quick to mention that they had seen the latest update or picture.  Even when I didn't feel like posting I would try to keep a new picture or two coming for them.  Then life got busier and the blog fell to the back burner.  They always used to say, "We know that you are busy and it is okay." 

But when is the excuse of being "busy" ever okay?

I recently said an earthly good-bye to both of these grandparents.  It makes me deeply regret the busy that kept me from them more.

I have been struggling through the loss and the emotion that has come with this.  As I walked away from the cemetary, I tried to leave the regret there.  Neither one of them would ever hold the past against me, and they would hate that I feel bad about it now.  They both lived to love others, no matter what.

I'm taking that to heart.  It is their legacy, to love others as Jesus did.  To be there for their family and to live as we are called.

Unconditional love for my children.   Listening and watching when they speak.  Disciplining in love.  Laying together at bedtime.  Focusing on the fun.  Teaching them the TRUTH.  

In practicing this I have now over heard conversations that melt my heart, seen love in action by children, heard the gospel through the mouths of babes and have heartfelt moments with each of my kids. 

I am trying to live with purpose and pass on the legacy.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Delayed Appreciation

One thing that my husband appreciates is having his lunch and coffee made in the morning. I do this occasionally. I thought that as a fresh start to 2012 I would get back in the habit.
After a few days of getting up early to serve him, I realized that most of what I do in the morning could be prepared the night before.

Night one: Finish the dishes, start lunches and prepare coffee pot.

Morning one: No coffee. Realize the clock is set backwards. PM does not mean Pre-Morning.

Night two: Finish the dishes, start lunches and prepare coffee pot.

Morning two: No coffee. Never turned on the delayed start.

Night Three: My husband asked if we still had the coffee pot manual. I acknowledged that yes, we probably did. I assumed he was asking because we were doing dishes and he wanted to clean the coffee maker. I assured him that we did, and I would work on getting that taken care of. He said, “No, I thought it might help in setting the timer.”

I have learned to appreciate his sarcasm

Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 - The Year We Were Pooped On

If you know me, you know that seagulls and I have a love-hate relationship. I have been pooped on more times than I can remember. I always figured “they must love me” since they choose me as their target. However, I have recently learned that birds often perform this ‘act of love’ to make themselves lighter as they flee from danger. So really, all of this time, they were scared of me.

On my way home from work I drive through an exchange of expressway that is home to hundred’s of birds. As you may have guessed I get pooped on almost every time. It is at this point that I am thankful for the vehicle I’m in, and that the window is taking the brunt force of the poop not me.

One day after driving through this treacherous area I got to thinking about how this year relates so much to those birds and what they so often do to me. At the end of January we laughed as we said, “2011 is NOT our year” thinking that it had to get better - we were only through the first month.

But then the year continued, as did the poop.

Our vehicles stopped working, our cupboards leaked, relationships changed, solid plans diminished, good-byes were said and tears were shed.

There is so much more that I can’t remember, or maybe just do not really want to.

When you are in the midst of it, you don’t see the bright side. It all seems like poop. But, almost everyday my van gets pooped on and there are days that I never notice.

There are been the down-lows this year, but we are thankful for the ones we don’t remember or that turned out to be not as bad as we thought. Our vehicles are still running, and we have a live in mechanic for when they don’t. We still have a roof, even if it leaks in large snow storms. Although we have said so long to some relationships, new ones have formed in their places. And even though there are some changes in our lives that we have yet to figure out, we know that they are all part of the plan for our family.

Then there was the day that I got pooped on in rainbow fashion. I don’t know what the birds were eating that day, but the kids and I laughed the whole way home at the sheer variety of color. Those are the times that I’m most thankful for this year, the ones that we could laugh through.
Like the time we ran out of toilet paper. One bathroom house, totally out of toilet paper.

And then there is the day that God decided to prove to us that His plan is better than ours. The day we found out about baby number three.

As the year started wrapping up and coming to a close we looked with anticipation to a new start. But as we needed to say good-bye to this year, we also had to say good-bye to beloved members of our family. We know that their new beginning is greater than any we will know, but it doesn’t change the loss that we feel without them.

Finally, I woke up this morning without a voice. I thought being sick through the holidays was enough, but I was hit once again.

Throughout today I have been thinking about this post, this year, and my lack of words.

It’s fitting. There isn’t anything to say that will change this past year. It is not my words that will write the next one. We have learned through it all that God has something to say to us, through the good and the bad. We need to listen.

It’s time to wash off the poop. More may come, but it too will be washed eventually. So, I silently say good-bye to 2011, and welcome 2012.

Bring it on birds, I’m ready!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Starting School

Back to School for Henry!!

Henry started Pre-K last week, and couldn't get enough of it! His favorite part is playing on the playground and in the gym. In the mornings he can't wait to leave for school so that he has plenty of time to play before the bell rings to start the day. I'm glad that he is enjoying it so much!

Meleah couldn't be left out of the pictures.

I told her to smile, "I am mom, this is my smile"

Saying Goodbye to Summer

As I sit in my house tonight, and it is 83 degrees inside, I realized that this maybe one of the last summer days we are going to have. So what better time than to relive our summer. Enjoy the snapshots from our summer (in no particular order)!!