Saturday, January 31, 2009

The New Tub Time

Meleah has out grown her baby tub and we've upgraded to the kitchen sink. Henry always had a lot of fun in the sink so we were looking forward to giving it a try. Meleah liked the change too.

Henry was kind enough to let her "borrow" some tub toys. In fact he kept throwing them in randomly the whole time she was in there.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Where have we been?

Whenever people ask how things are going the answer is typical, we are staying busy. But what does busy really mean?

Henry is constantly talking and saying new things. He and Scott go to Gander a lot, Henry's favorite place. He loves to see the bucks and ducks. He is still enjoying all of his Christmas gifts, paints, cars and play dough. We don't let him mix the play dough colors, which is a little hard for him to understand, and there are always remants of the "fun" left behind on the table and floor. Oh well, at least he is having a good time!

Henry finally decided that it is okay to smile for the camera...CHEESE!

Meleah is currently suffering from her 4th or 5th cold for the season. She is the third one of us to get it this time around. She is quite a trooper though. She is sleeping through the night, finally (and now that I say that she will start waking up at 3:30 am again!). She is trying hard to crawl, but not quite there yet, any day though.

Giving the thumbs up!

Sneaking away when no one was looking.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Henry Update

Today is Henry's half birthday. We didn't do much to celebrate, which Scott would approve of but I'm rather disappointed. Anyways...I tried to get a picture of Henry for the post, but in true Henry fashion he avoided the camera all day. He wouldn't look or if he did there was no chance of a smile. After nap time this is all I could get. At least Meleah was smiling. (She's always good for a smile!)

So, Henry is two and a half. I can't believe how much he has changed in just the last few months. Right now he loves the movie CARS, and always wants to play with his own cars of every kind. "Will you race with me?" is a frequently asked question at our house.

Another of Henry's favorite things right now is to have his blankie warm. He learned how to heat it up on the vent and then wrap it around himself. Today when I was getting laundry out of the dryer he came over to give blankie a turn. Tonight after being put to bed I heard him at the door saying that the heater was blowing. I went to check on him and he had his blankie all wrapped around the vent in his room. Even teddy had to get warm tonight.

We're trying to teach Henry that he needs to be polite by saying please when asking for something. This is harder than we thought. He will say please after being prompted, but not on his own. When we give him a suggested line like "May I please have the ___?" His response is usually "I can't say that." I must give him credit though. When we are with other people he will usually say please and thank you on his own and is very appreciative and polite.

Henry has his own little personality and it includes a devious side. Tonight was a great example. Scott was taking Henry's blankie and holding it hostage. Henry finally managed to get it and as he ran passed me he says "And I got it without saying please!"

That's our Henry!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

They're obviously related

A lot of people say that our kids look alike. Every once in awhile they don't, and they have their own distinct personalities, but most of the time they have quite the resemblence.