Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apple Orchard Field Trip

Today was Henry's first field trip - off to the apple orchard! He has been very excited about going, and Henry said that he had a great time. The only thing that was bad about it was that his patellas (knees) and tummy started to hurt because there was too much walking!

Learning all about apples

Henry's favorite part was watching the picked apples be emptied into the big crates. All of the apples are picked by hand at this orchard, Henry thought the fact that the picking bags opened at the bottom was the coolest!

Our first field trip picture together!

Henry and cousin Matthew - best buds!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Children's Museum

My sister invited us to joing her and the boys in going to the Children's Museum...the kids were thrilled since Curious George was there! They all kept busy as there was so much to see and do.

Meleah getting a little too friendly with George!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Starting Preschool

We have started a new phase in life: Preschool!

Henry (and I) made it through his first week, and we are both excited about next week.

We took pictures on the first day, which was just an hour for Henry and I to go and see what the year would be like. It was so nice and sunny, plus Henry was willing, so we took the first pictures. I'm so glad that we did, Thursday it was raining and Henry wasn't as photogenic either.

Henry trying out the new activities at school.

The first official day, Henry with cousin Matthew. They are both enjoying the idea of having someone they know in their class and are already claiming to be friends too!

Henry and Matthew with their teacher Mrs. H!

Monday, September 6, 2010

A long time in coming!

So, here it is! Our summer in a post. We spent a lot of time at the cottage, so there are pictures from there, but there are a lot of others. As the kids grow older it has been fun to experience new things and activities with them. We had a lot of "firsts" and lots of FUN!


Our Anniversary - June 21 - 7 years!

The kids first smores - or as Meleah calls them "snores"


Henry's 4th birthday - a fish cake that was orange and turquiose - his favorite colors!

We went to the airport to watch the planes take off and land. We didn't see a lot, but enough to make the kids ask when we are going back everytime they see a plane.

Eating cupcakes with Auntie O, Levi, Reuben and Grandma!
I love to pick blueberries and this year I took the kids with me. There were SO many berries it was extremely easy to fill our buckets. I never told the kids that they could eat any before we got them home, and the didn't eat one. Honest little pickers!

Meleah called it "pickin' blues"
The kids on their "new" swing set! Daddy had a vision and made it a reality. The kids just love the new addition and it has provided hours of fun.

I have a crate full of recipe books (one of my favorite things) in my kitchen. The kids love to look at the pictures and empty the crates. This happens regularly every week.

A highlight of the cottage was the new beach that Grandpa and Grandma added this summer! Here are the grandkids atop the pile!

Meleah and I had our first official Girl's Night. Meleah got her ear's pierced and came out smiling. She was very brave, love the salon experience - and the sucker at the end! She couldn't wait to get home and show Daddy her new pretties, just like Cinderella!
We took a couple of field trips to the Frederik Meijer Garden's, the kids of course loved every minute of the playing, riding and sightseeing.

We headed out on a car cruise with the kids, courtesy of Grandpa's Chevelle. Henry of course loves this and has been going to car shows with Scott and his dad all summer. Meleah had her first ride around the block a few weeks ago and turns out she is going to love cars too. Getting to go cruising with all of us was an especially cool treat!

Henry was not thrilled that the camera came along.

We took this kids out on the boat to a different lake, and they got to enjoy the water there too. They love the waves that all of the boats made up on the beach, and were right at home in the water.

Wrapping it up for the day - and the summer!